Monday 9th September – I nearly died today…!

OK that’s a bit dramatic, but I had a severe reaction to my salad today. I choked on it! 

Had a crazy day in work, but it was made better by catching up with one of my friends and boring her senseless with lots of talk about this new healthy eating and exercise regime I’m doing. I think I might have even persuaded her to attend the seminar on 21st September:

Food today: egg white omelette with ham for breakfast, apple, chicken salad for lunch (that nearly killed me!), chicken breast with green beans for dinner, strawberries and grapes with greek yoghurt

My food hasn’t been great today. I had dinner out and the only thing I could get was a chicken breast with green beans. It came with flatbread and sauce, both of which I avoided, but that was all I had. I’m also getting really fed up of chicken salad for lunch, and still having cravings. Although weirdly I haven’t felt that hungry today. It could be because I’ve been so busy, I don’t know. I mentioned to Chris that I’ve been struggling with food so we’re going to have a chat about it on Wednesday. Fingers crossed for bread and crisps!! 
I’ve also noticed that the weight loss has slowed down, although I haven’t put any on, which is good. This is something Jessie Pavelka mentioned when he was at the gym last week. You can’t let the number on the scale define you and how far you’ve come. It’s just too easy to keep jumping on to see if there’s any difference. This is definitely an addiction I want to break!
So, now begins me kicking my ass into gear and smashing my goals. No more worrying about things. Time to put all of my effort into getting fit and feeling confident! 

If you haven’t already, get in touch with Chris to see how he can help you:



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