Sunday 8th September – Carb craving hell!

My body went into carb craving overload today! They haven’t been this bad since I started eating healthily over 10 weeks ago. Not sure what set it off but it has been so tough! And what’s the best way to deal with a craving? To torture yourself with thoughts of what you’d love to eat of course. NOT! I would have loved a cheese and onion crisp sandwich made with really crusty bread and a few slices of cheddar cheese on it. I actually just licked my lips at the thought of that! However, instead of giving in I made some sweet potato crisps. Basically cut a sweet potato into very small circular pieces and roast for about 20 minutes. It took the edge off but the whole day has been a struggle. 

I realise I haven’t put a food shop picture up for a couple of weeks (and I’m sure you all find them really entertaining!), so here you go!

Food today: poached eggs and bacon for breakfast (fast becoming one of my favourite meals!), sweet potato crisps (homemade), banana and greek yoghurt, turkey thigh with sweet potato and broccoli for dinner, strawberries with some WheyHey strawberry ice-cream 

It would have been very easy to eat a tub of the ice-cream to myself, but I was very good and shared it. This is particularly saintly behaviour considering the pots are only 150ml each. TINY!!
I also had a couple of squares of this today:
It’s 71% cocoa but has mint (amongst other things) in it. This is my idea of heaven but I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed… Therefore you’d think I wouldn’t write it in my blog that my trainer (Chris) usually reads, but I’m too honest for my own good! I know he’ll make me pay for it on Wednesday at the gym. Probably best! 

I did do half an hour on the bike yesterday but nothing today. I’m out tomorrow evening, but have planned exercise in for the rest of the week, including 2 sessions with Chris on Wednesday and Saturday. I have my third set of measurements taken this week and I’m not too hopeful that there will be much difference. Everything has slowed down in terms of weight and inch loss and I’m a bit fed up about it. I was really hoping to have dropped a dress size by this week. In a way I think I have as all my clothes are a lot looser, but the next size down doesn’t quite fit. I think I was nearer to the next size up when I started this. Women’s clothes sizes are a nightmare though. 2 items from the same shop can fit completely differently, so it’s impossible to know what size is right from place to place. For now I will just see what happens with the measurements that Chris takes and go from there. 
Again, I have to keep reminding myself that it’s all going in the right direction, but will take time. 

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