Tuesday 3rd September – I met Jessie Pavelka!

I promise that’s not a lie. I really did meet the man himself this evening! 

I cut myself out. It wasn’t a good photo of me! 

He is very attractive and very easy to talk to in person. So why did I meet him? Well he’s the patron of a fabulous charity called Hoop (Helping Overcome Obesity Problems – http://www.hoopuk.org.uk/) and has been doing a tour of the UK this week to promote the charity and speak to groups on the issue of obesity in both children and adults. One of the lovely girls from my gym (who has her own amazing weight loss story) arranged for Jessie to come and do a talk as part of his week long tour. Needless to say the place was packed! 

One of the talks was by a lady who’s had a really tough time but managed to lose a really impressive amount of weight. It was pretty emotional listening to her as it was so easy to relate with a lot of what she was saying. There were also two of the ladies who have been on Jessie’s programme at the event. I managed to speak to one of them and again it was great to speak to her and very easy to relate to what she’s been through. A pretty emotional evening but so glad I got to go. 

I also managed to convince one of my friends to meet Chris and she’s going to the gym next week for a proper chat! Job done! 

Food today: gluten free sausages and poached eggs for breakfast, grapes and blueberries with greek yoghurt, steak with sweet potato, asparagus and mixed vegetables for dinner, strawberries and banana with greek yoghurt 

So I’m back to the gym tomorrow for another session with Chris and feeling a bit more motivated after speaking to all the inspirational ladies tonight. The biggest challenge is overcoming the mental fight in my head. But for tonight I’m not going to worry about that! 


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