Monday 2nd September – back to the gym!

So after a couple of day’s away and not eating as clean as normal, I was back in the gym with Chris this afternoon. I did use the gym in the hotel both days, bike and treadmill, to make sure I hit my 5 sessions a week, but it clearly wasn’t enough! 

Today’s session was tough, really sweaty! I started with split squats, but my left thigh was really sore/tight so Chris got me to do some stretches and then use the foam roller. OMG! It HURT!! In fact it’s till hurting now. Anyway it it did help to loosen everything while I did the rest of the session. So firstly I did the split squats, 2 lots of 15 reps and 2 lots of 12 reps on each leg. My range of movement is definitely getting better and my balance isn’t too bad! Next was the double arm seated pull down: 15 reps at 45kg, 2 sets of 12 reps at 50kg and 1 set of 11 reps at 50kg. In between these 2 exercises I did the 5kg slam ball, 1 set of 10 reps and 3 sets of 12 reps. 

The next exercise was squats while holding the TRX bands. However it wasn’t that straightforward. Chris had other ideas! I think he called it the ‘ladder’. Basically I started by doing 10 squats. He then wanted me to run up and down the gym. I don’t run! I did a pathetic attempt at a jog instead. I then had to do 9 squats and run up and down the gym, and so on until it was just 1 squat and a run. At this point I should have just carried on doing my poor attempt at running. However my brain decided not to do that, and my mouth joined in! So I decided to walk up and down. BIG MISTAKE! There was no way I was getting away with just walking! Chris said that if I was going to walk then I could push the prowler (without weights) up and down the gym instead. Stupid, stupid me! I was shattered by the end of this. 

The final exercise was boxing with the pads, but of course it wasn’t just boxing! I had to do 20 jab/cross combinations then a short run, 30 jabs then run, 40 jabs then run, 50 jabs then run, 60 jabs then run. The final set was hooks in reps of 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 and a short run in between each set. 
I am starting to enjoy the sessions now. It’s tough but I knew it would be. I’m determined to do well with all the exercises, and I know it will take time, but I just want to be there now! Patience is a virtue apparently…

Food today: bacon and poached eggs for breakfast, couple of squares of dark chocolate before the gym, venison burger and salad for lunch, chicken breast with sweet potato, corn and broccoli for dinner, greek yoghurt and blueberries  

I definitely missed eating like this while I was away. I couldn’t finish a portion of chips or an ice-cream, which just sounds crazy! I’ve had cravings for so long but when it came to it I realised I didn’t actually want to eat any of it. So back on track now and time to get fit! 


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