Monday 26th August – I’m broken!

I went to the gym today, willingly. I left slowly and in a sweaty mess! 

Before I started training with Chris, we set some goals for me to meet at specific points. The first goal is fast approaching, and I’ve realised I might not meet it. I could have said nothing to Chris and just worried about it myself, but what would be the point in that? So I told him my concerns today and, as always, he had a solution. That is to train more and harder. Of course it is! So for the next three weeks we’re going to train twice a week together then I’ll do three sessions at home; twice doing the circuit and once doing a session on the bike. It’s not going to be pretty, but I’m determined to go for it. I still have doubts about meeting the goal, but I can’t say that to Chris. I don’t want to disappoint him, especially after all the effort he’s making with me. Plus I hate people being disappointed in me. It’s worse than them being angry. My boss has a terrifying disappointed face. Thankfully I’ve not been on the receiving end of it, and never want to be. I imagine Chris’s is just as bad! 
Anyway, today’s session was tough! I did the evil split squats, but the second and third set involved holding 4kg weights. My balance was pretty shocking today so I suppose in a way they helped. I also did three sets of the single arm pull downs. They were OK. Then Chris decided to mix things up a bit! The first new exercise is called ‘slam ball’. It’s a 5kg ball that you slam on the floor, pick up and repeat. It’s embarrassing being so unfit that doing this for less than 1 minute is tiring! The next exercise involves a seven pound sledgehammer and a huge tyre. Yes, you’ve guessed it. You hit the tyre with the sledgehammer, unless you’re me and you miss the tyre. I don’t know how I manage to walk around I’m that clumsy! Not great for the old dignity either…! After this I had to push the prowler (metal frame with weights on) up and down the gym. This was so hard, which is just pathetic. I get really cross with myself when I feel like I can’t do something. However, Chris is great at encouraging me even when I say bad things to him and flip him the bird! Lastly I did five rounds of boxing, just to completely finish me off! 
It was the toughest session I’ve done, but then I’ve only done five in less than three weeks so I really do need to be patient. I just want to get fitter and be able to really work hard at the sessions. 
Food today: egg white omelette for breakfast, scrambled eggs with ham for lunch, turkey steak with sweet potato, green beans and carrots for dinner, greek yoghurt with strawberries 

If you’re in the Manchester/Cheshire area and are looking for a personal trainer, Chris has a brilliant offer for September: 

His contact details are: 


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