Saturday 17th August – family!

Today is my Mummy’s birthday! I’ve (hopefully) spoilt her and made her laugh lots, which is a good thing as my brother and sister don’t exactly make the effort. Thankfully I’m home now and can try and switch off! 

Food today: bacon and poached eggs for breakfast, small ham salad, melon and grapes for lunch, pork steak with sweet potato and roasted vegetables for dinner, strawberries and greek yoghurt

I tried the greek yoghurt and seeds after breakfast but they were the wrong seeds! What I mean is they tasted REALLY BAD with the yoghurt! I’m going to have to experiment with that. I’ve also drank far too much tea today. This always happens when I go to my Mum’s. Must be the Irish thing! 

I had my hair cut today (hoping that means I’ve lost at least 1 pound!) and told my hairdresser that it’s not been in the best condition. 

If you know me, then you can understand that this is bad! I spend a lot of time, and money, trying to really look after my hair. It’s as if its having withdrawal symptoms from the lack of sugar! She said that even though I’m now eating really well, the change can have an effect on your hair. I am going to be having serious words with Chris about this! It looks better now though, thankfully! I also got some tips on how to make sure it doesn’t look completely horrendous when I’ve finished my workout at the gym each week. Fingers crossed it works! 

I’m off to think more happy thoughts…! 


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