Thursday 15th August – the pain is kicking in!

I was still in a mega happy mood this morning following last night’s training. I was even awake at 5.30am and hadn’t gone to sleep until after 11pm. Must be the endorphins…! I felt a bit manic for most of the day to be honest. If that’s what exercise does then sign me up! 

I still can’t believe the change in me in relation to exercise. I’m not saying I love it, and I’m definitely not saying it’s easy! But getting through a session, with most of my integrity still intact (but truly, truly horrendous hair!), is a real confidence boost. Having such an enthusiastic trainer is essential for me. I need that encouragement and someone to push me as there’s no way I’d push myself as much. I also feel as though I’d be letting Chris down if I didn’t try my best at every session. I’d also be letting myself down, so having someone to structure my routines and monitor my progress on everything, including food and wellbeing, is the perfect combination for me. It’s absolutely a team effort and one I’m proud to be part of! 

Food today: egg white omelette for breakfast, apple, greek yoghurt with banana, chicken stir fried with vegetables and sweet potato for dinner, grapes and greek yoghurt 
Lunch was a disaster today! I had to go out with a group from work and the ‘restaurant’ only did rice and noodles and ‘meat’ covered in sauce! I asked for plain chicken and vegetables. It didn’t work! So I managed to get some greek yoghurt and banana instead. I was so hungry when I got home! 

I tried my circuit that Chris gave me to do at home. Oh it is tough!! I was sweating after 2 sets and had to stop after 3 1/2. I was a bit disappointed but given the lack of proper lunch today, I think I did OK. Anyway it just means I have to try harder tomorrow! 

So I’m guessing that tomorrow I’m going to be pretty sore, but that’s just temporary…I hope! 
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