Wednesday 14th August – 3rd gym session!

Third gym session done! It was tough, but I enjoyed it, well parts of it! 

I did the dreaded split leg squats again, and sing arm high cable row (pull downs), 3 sets of each. My legs were already sore so it was tough! He’s a little bit evil that Chris! Haha! 
We then did the even more evil  poliquin step and high incline dumbbell chest press with 5 kg weights, 3 sets of each again. 
My bad language is as good as ever, but I think Chris sees it as me enjoying it, or something..! 

I now have a home exercise routine too, which is good as it’s something to work on in between sessions:

high rep bodyweight squats
kettlebell swings
fast punches on ‘beat Bob’ to head
fast punches on ‘beat Bob’ body
sideways walk using resistance band
sprint on exercise bike 

I have to do a set number of reps of each one after the other with a 60 second rest after completing all. I’m looking forward to trying it!

I also had my second set of measurements done tonight with Chris. They’ve all gone down!! I am SO HAPPY with this! Overall I’ve lost 8 inches across my entire body! I’ve lost the most from my chest (boo!), belly button and hips. Very happy! Next goal is to lose more in the next 4 weeks. Dropping a dress size IS going to happen! 

I’m genuinely really happy tonight and don’t want this feeling to go. 

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll keep saying it. Chris is the best personal trainer! You have to get in touch with him if you’re looking for someone to train you, or nutritional/wellbeing advice.

Chris Main:

Blog: – Check this out. It’s really informative 


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