Tuesday 13th August – this positivity thing is hard!

I feel like I am being seriously tested this week!

The amount of bad news and crap I’ve had to deal with in the space of 2 days is crazy. I am at a loss as to what to think, BUT I am trying seriously hard to not let it bring me down.

I’m looking forward to my workout with Chris tomorrow (who would have thought I’d say that a few weeks ago??), as hopefully I can sweat out this negativity and pick up some of his positivity to get me through the rest of this crappy, crappy week!

Food today: egg white omelette for breakfast, chicken and feta salad for lunch, apple, chicken breast with mozzarella, sweet potato, mushrooms and corn for dinner, greek yoghurt with blueberries and grapes

I am going to leave it there now so I don’t write anything I might regret tomorrow!


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