Saturday 10th August – the return of the negativity

Dear negative thoughts,
kindly do one and leave me in positive peace

IF only it was that simple. 

Today has been tough. I woke up in a pretty negative and ‘down’ mood and I’m not sure why. I felt so positive yesterday, especially after my training session, which has made today even harder. Before starting this clean eating and training programme, if I was feeling this low I would have turned to food as some kind of ‘comfort’, which ironically only ever made me feel worse about myself. I would almost always end up crying, have no energy and want to be left alone. Not exactly the best way to spend my time! I can’t lie, it would have been pretty easy today to just stay at home alone and feel sorry for myself. A friend sent me this message, which helped a little: 

I know in a lot of ways I’m doing so much better than I ever was before I started this, but I also know I can’t expect to rush my recovery, I suppose you could call it. I am very impatient and want to be slimmer and fitter now, but it’s a marathon and not a sprint, isn’t it? What I want more than anything is to be believe in myself, to have self worth and confidence, but most of all be happy with myself. 


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