Friday 9th August – second gym session done!

Second session at the gym done! 

I have been struggling to walk since Wednesday, especially down stairs (OMG!), but I’ve been a good girl and done lots of stretching to try and help. 

So today’s exercises were: the leg press and seated row: 3 sets of each; supine bridge walkouts and forward sled pulls: again 3 sets of each; and 4 rounds of 20 seconds each on the punchbag, and one round of hitting the pads. 
The leg press was good. It started with no weight for the first set of reps, then Chris added some to each set after that. It was tough but not too bad. 
The seated row was similar to what we did on Wednesday, but involved both hands. This is really going to help my posture. 
The supine bridge walkouts are EVIL! I am rubbish at them and just ended up looking like a sweating blob on the floor, or a deformed crab! I am definitely going to have to practice this at home! 
The forward sled pulls were hard too. It’s basically a frame that has weights added and you pull. If only it was Santa’s sled! At least I’d get a present at the end of it all! 

I have to admit the punchbag and pads was my favourite part of the session, don’t tell Chris though! It’s sweaty business, but apparently that’s a good thing?! 
This is my method to deal with it though!

Due to my lack of height (AKA I’m a short arse!), Chris had to get creative with my workout. Highly embarrassing that you can’t even get on to one piece of equipment and have to ask for a step! More embarrassing that you’re not long enough to use it! 

This is how I felt while I was doing the supine bridge walkouts, but once it was over I felt better about it!

Food today: egg white omelette for breakfast, chicken salad with some beef slices for lunch, apple, banana and strawberries with greek yoghurt, steak with sweet potato, corn and broccoli for dinner 

So, I know I’m going to hurt everywhere tomorrow, but apparently that’s a good thing too…! 

To set up your own sessions with Chris, contact him here:


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