Thursday 8th August

I have to disagree with this today. My legs have well and truly given up after yesterday’s session! They are seriously painful! Standing up and sitting down are definitely taken for granted! Stairs are the work of the devil, and I have no idea how I’m going to manage another session tomorrow…! 

Food today: egg white omelette, nuts, buffalo burger with sweet potato chips, corn and salad for late lunch/early dinner, strawberries, grapes and banana with greek yoghurt 

I took my nephew to the cinema and bought him chocolate! I wasn’t even tempted to have some, so things are definitely improving. I had a coffee and some nuts instead. How boring does that sound?! But, I’m realising that I was pretty much abusing food and not even realising what and how much I was eating before I started this. Little bit scary and embarrassing when you think about it. But, I’m not looking back and feeling sorry for myself. No way. I’ve come too far already to do that. Instead I’m trying to see the positives in every little change I make and stick to. I’m also pretty pleased that my total fear of the gym is starting to subside. It’s still there, but slowly getting less severe. 

Marilyn puts it better than I ever could! 


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