Wednesday 7th August – the first gym session!

So today was the day and I survived, just about! 

Chris was very patient and explained what all the equipment in the gym was used for before we did anything else. He started the session by getting me to do some stretches, which were easier than the other week since I’ve seen the Physiotherapist and have been doing some exercises at home to try and improve the movement in my legs. 

After the stretches, Chris demonstrated the next 2 exercises. The first was split leg squats, the second was single arm high cable row (pull downs). I won’t lie, the split squats were hard! I did 3 sets of 15 on each leg. The good news (if you see if that way!), is that I have ‘good range’ of movement in both legs, but it hurt! I know that’s only because I’m not used to doing the movements, but I get the feeling that won’t be the case for much longer…
The single arm pulls were easier/less horrendous. The aim of this exercise is to work on my back/shoulders/posture. I think I did 3 sets of either 10 or 15 on each arm of these. So it alternated between squats and arm pulls. 

The next 2 exercises were the poliquin step and high incline dumbbell chest press with 4 kg weights. The poliquin step is basically an upturned stepper that I had to do single leg step downs from while keeping your heel slightly off the ground and your toes pointed upwards. This also hurt! In fact I called Chris some bad names! 

The dumbbell chest press was a little bit daunting as my upper body strength is rubbish, so I was very grateful that Chris stood right behind me just in case I dropped the weights! I just about managed 2 sets of 10 reps. Arms of steel are on their way. As if!

The final exercise was pushing the ‘prowler’ up and down the gym, twice walking and twice ‘jogging’! The ‘prowler’ is a frame that you can add weights to. Thankfully there were no weights on for me, this time…! 

Here are a couple of photos of the inside of the gym: 

I’ll be completely honest and say it wasn’t easy at all, but it was kind of enjoyable. Chris explained everything to me the whole way through, demonstrated each movement and encouraged me throughout. My coping mechanism to get through this session, and future ones, is to laugh and swear a lot! I think this is a good reaction to being tortured! Haha! 

I’m almost 100% sure that I’m really going to feel this tomorrow. If I can walk it will be a miracle! 

So even after all that I would totally and absolutely recommend that you contact Chris for any advice on nutrition and/or exercise.

Chris Main:  


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