Monday 5th August

Day 2 of celebrity spotting. I saw Deirdre Barlow from Coronation Street in Costa Coffee! How random! 

I spent the afternoon with my friend and her gorgeous baby girl. Almost made me broody… 
I bored her with all the details of this new eating plan and training with Chris, and she was really supportive. I’ve actually told quite a few people now and they’ve all been really positive about it, which is a big help. 

Food today: poached eggs and gluten free sausages for breakfast, turkey strips with mushrooms, broccoli and sweet potato for dinner, blueberries, grapes and strawberries with greek yoghurt 

I think I need to ask Chris about dressings and other herbs that I can use on meat as it is getting a bit boring with certain foods. I’m powering through for now though! 

My nails are finally growing and I’m experimenting with colours. This is a big deal for me! I think I need to go and have a proper manicure done though as I’m really not good at applying nail varnish. Not really what you want to admit at the ripe old age of 30! 

Countdown to gym time – 2 days to go!


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