Saturday 3rd August

Today is my Dad’s birthday. Whenever there’s a family birthday there’s usually a huge meal and lots of goodies to be had. Not this year though! We had a really nice dinner (although no yorkshire puddings for me!) but the cake was kept hidden until I left. Not sure whether to be offended or complimented! 

Food today: bacon and poached eggs for breakfast, roast beef with sweet potato, broccoli, cabbage and carrots for dinner, strawberries and greek yoghurt 

As I’m not in work for a week I did part of the shopping today, so here’s your weekly picture:

There isn’t as much as usual, but not because I’m starving myself! 

So I’m starting the countdown to ‘gym time’ – 4 days to go! 

I’m on a mega positive kick too, to keep me motivated for it. I know I don’t really need to worry as Chris will look after me and make sure I don’t hurt myself. He can’t stop me making an idiot of myself though, but we’ll cross that bridge when/if we come to it! 


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