Friday 2nd August

I’ve finished work for a whole week! To celebrate we tried to make home made sweet potato crisps. Here’s the result:

They don’t look fantastic, but they tasted pretty good. 

Food today: egg white omelette for breakfast, apple, chicken, ham and feta salad for lunch, banana, buts, steak burger with a small amount of mozzarella, corn and sweet potato for dinner, bluberries, grapes and greek yogurt 

My Friday nights before starting this always involved a ‘treat’ while watching TV, usually chocolate/biscuits and/or crisps. My Friday nights now involve greek yoghurt and fruit if I’m hungry. What’s happened to me?! It’s actually much more filling and satisfies my sweet tooth, which has made a violent return this week. It is being ignored though. 

Anyway, the quest (not journey!) towards complete positivity will continue over the next week. In fact I’m hoping it steps up a gear as I start training with Mr Positive himself, Chris, on Wednesday. Ahhhh!! I’m getting a little bit excited now. The nerves and fear are still there, but I really do just want to get going and drop this weight for good! 


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