Sunday 28th July

Today is the end of 4 weeks eating clean, but just the beginning of this exciting new experience I’ve embarked upon. 

Food today: gluten free sausages, bacon, poached eggs and mushrooms for breakfast, greek yoghurt and blueberries, steak cooked in butter with corn and sweet potato for dinner – I could never be a vegetarian!

This week’s shop:

I love how colourful it looks. 

I’ve learnt so much in the last 4 weeks from what I should be eating to what people really think when you try something new like this, to how much support is out there. It’s a whole new world of information. 

I’m so grateful to Chris for everything he’s done for me already, and I’m really excited to see what happens when we start training together. (Don’t tell him I said that though. I’m currently keeping up the negatively cautious approach to this) I wouldn’t have thought it would be possible for one person to have such a positive effect on me and in such a short time, especially as I don’t trust easily. It shows you just how good he is at his job as I’ve really opened up to him as I know it’s the only way to progress properly. As Chris says, this is a team effort. 

The positivity is starting to outweigh the negative thoughts. Quotes like this help: 
“Positive emotions enhance the brain’s ability to make good decisions.” 

I’m surrounding myself with positive quotes and positive people. On Chris’s suggestion, I’ve made a vision board. I thought it was a bit cheesy at first, but I’m really enjoying putting it together now. It’s called ‘Positivity is Awesome’! Haha! I’ve even started to infiltrate the flat with these contagious affirmations: 

I will be positive! I will succeed, because I know I’m not doing this on my own: 


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