Friday 26th July

Don’t you just love Friday night, especially when it’s a 3 day weekend!

I went to see a Physiotherapist this evening. It was hard work! Chris had suggested I go and see somebody after we tried some simple movements last week and I felt some pain in my left knee and lower back. 
The good news is my knee is fine. I’ve got full range of motion and my ACL is fine. 
The bad news is I had to wear shorts and get my milk bottle white tree trunks out!! I know physio can be hands on, but I didn’t realise it what going to be THAT hands on! It’s a good job he’s another total professional. 

Paul (the physio) told me I’m hypermobile, which basically means I have a wide range of movement in my joints. Without realising I have been hyperextending my knee joints when I stand. This has resulted in my lower back pain, but it’s fixable. 

So this is what my knees currently do:

Sadly not my legs!! 

Paul made me do some squats (and stood far too close behind me!) to see where the problem is. Apparently as I squat I push my backside to the left without realising. I can’t even feel that I’m doing it. So I have to practice squats in front of a mirror. Nice! 
I’ve also got other exercises to do as I really need to work on my core in order to stabilise my spine.  He showed me what to do and it’s hard! However, if it sorts the problem then I’ll definitely do my homework, even if it does make me sweat! 

So Team Fighting the Fear is growing!

Contact details for the members:

Top trainer and all round winner of most positive person I know, Chris:

Tough but totally knowledgeable physiotherapist, Paul, based at this clinic in Sale every Friday: 


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