Tuesday 23rd July

So today was good.

It seems as though my clean eating is having a bit of a positive effect on some of the girls at work! They were eating carrot sticks, peppers and strawberries when I went in today, which is great. It doesn’t help that they’re all gorgeous and slim, but at least they’re giving it a go! 

I’ve spoken to a few people about this blog now too, who might just be reading this(!) and they’ve been really supportive, so thank you. It doesn’t actually feel like this is really out there for people to see so getting feedback on it is weird, but good. 

Food today: same omelette for breakfast, apple, chicken salad for lunch, nuts, banana, chicken fillet with feta cheese, sweet potato and broccoli for dinner, strawberries. 

I did some boxing tonight, which was sweaty but felt good. I like hitting things! 
Little bit nervous about tomorrow (training session with Chris) but trying not to get too worked up about it…. 

I’m working very hard at trying to ignore Clifford (the negative scaredy cat sat on my left shoulder), or at least turn the volume down on his majorly irritating voice. It’s a slow process, but I just need to keep reminding myself why I’m doing this: to feel better, to look better, to be confident, and most of all happy:


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