Friday 19th July

Slept really badly last night, worrying about this morning’s visit to the gym. I know some nerves are good for you, but I was literally shaking by the time I got there. I know, pathetic! Anyway, it really wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I’d made it out to be in my head.

Chris put me at ease pretty much straight away. He’s extremely easy to talk to, very laid back and most of all patient. We had a chat first, which helped put my mind at ease, a little.

So, the dreaded measuring!  This is where Chris really showed me that he listens and is considerate of everything I’ve told him. He made sure we were in a quiet room to help with my total embarrassment, and then took the following measurements:

belly button
left arm
right arm
left thigh
right thigh
left calf
right calf

He is an absolute professional and talked me through everything step by step. It wasn’t the best five minutes of my life, but that’s all it was. He then took photos to use to track my progress. The next step was videoing me carrying out certain movements. This is to show him what my posture is like (bad!) and look at what he can do to improve it. I’ve asked Chris not to show me the measurements or photos and he agreed. All I want to know is that everything is getting smaller! He didn’t measure my actual fat (thank god!) as I’d told him how genuinely terrified I was about the whole thing. Again he had clearly listened to me and didn’t push me into doing something he knew would upset me.

After he had taken a few videos, Chris showed me some movements to copy, demonstrating each one first so I knew what to do. I’d already told him I have some problems with my lower back so he monitored me very closely. He discovered there’s something wrong with my left knee and has advised I go and speak to a Physiotherapist.  He also noticed that my pelvis is slightly tilted lower on the left side. This explains why I always stand with my weight on my left leg. I’ve spent the rest of today being very aware of how I’m stood! I’m really glad he pointed these 2 issues out as it hopefully means I can improve my balance and posture once they are corrected.

Once we had gone through the exercises we had another chat where I was very honest with Chris about my reasons for doing this new eating plan and training programme. I want to be able to feel confident. I want to get to a point where I actually feel like I can wear a dress. I suppose I want to be able to wear a wedding dress at some point! Most of all I want to improve my PCOS symptoms with the hope of one day having a baby. So, fingers crossed!

I have to tell you that meeting Chris has made a huge different to my approach to food and exercise. His knowledge is first class, his enthusiasm is endless and it’s clear he loves what he does. I think that’s why I trust him and have told him all of my fears about what I’m doing. I’ve tried diets before but never really stuck to them. However, because he is so supportive, which I know I need, I feel like this time I could crack it, with his help.

Food today: omelette for breakfast, banana, chicken salad for lunch, gluten free buffalo sausages with corn, broccoli, carrots and green beans for dinner, followed by strawberries

If you’re reading this because you are thinking of starting a new healthy eating regime, or want to try and introduce some exercise into your routine, then I would absolutely recommend that you get in touch with Chris

If you click on Chris’ name above it will take you to his twitter page.
Here is the link:
This is his website:


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