Thursday 18th July

Long weekend starts today! 

Went to a PA event last night and was extremely well behaved. I said no to bread, the starter, most of the main course and dessert. Basically I ate a plate of salad and drank a jug of water! Oh and 1 tiny glass of champagne that I was allowed. There was obviously a hole in the bottom of the glass though as it disappeared! I was pretty proud of myself for not being tempted and to be honest it wasn’t that difficult, apart from the champagne!

Here are my lovely goodies from the event:

Food today: omelette for brekkie, apple, chicken salad with sweet potato, pork chop with broccoli, corn, mushrooms and sweet potato for dinner 

So tomorrow is the much dreaded ‘fat measuring’ event! 
Poor Chris has had his ear chewed off with my ridiculously over dramatic rants about this all week! I have to give him total credit for being extremely patient, understanding and positive. That’s before we’ve even started the exercise. He must have the patience of a saint!

Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes….!


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