Tuesday 16th July

Feeling a lot less like I could kill someone today! Might have something to do with managing to sleep all night. Major bonus. I had sweet potato with dinner last night and it looks like that might be what’s helping. I told Chris and he said I can eat it every night as it could be what’s making the difference. It’s sad that this made me happy isn’t it! 

My skin resembles less of a volcano about to erupt today, thank god! But as usual, Chris was on hand with sensible advice to try and improve it. He said the breakout could be caused by hormones (YES!), gut inflammation (not sure) or my liver clearing toxins (definite possibility). He said that we store toxins on fat cells and as those fat cells are lost the toxins are released into the blood stream. If the liver struggles to move those toxins to your kidneys, they can cause issues. This makes sense. So he said to up my water intake by 20% and increase the fish oils, to 5 per day (2 with breakfast, 1 with lunch, 2 with dinner). I’m happy to try anything, other than avocado and fish, if it helps! 

Food today: same omelette for brekkie, chicken and feta salad for lunch, apple, banana, stir fried chicken with broccoli and sweet potato for dinner

Starting to notice a difference with meals. I couldn’t finish my dinner tonight. That never happens! Maybe it’s a blip but had to record that! I’m definitely more aware of what I’m eating and how much. I’m also painfully aware of just how much I was eating before, especially snacks. It’s like on those diet shows where they show the person how much they ate in 1 week. I’m glad I didn’t take photos before I started this of the food that was regularly being shovelled in! 

Definitely still finding supermarkets a struggle. There is just way too much temptation on every aisle, around every corner, and don’t get me started on the checkouts. The bread was talking to me! But, this is week 3 of no bread or pasta, even gluten free, no biscuits, no chips or potatoes (other than sweet potato), no crisps, no alcohol, no chocolate, no sweets, no ice cream, and almost no dairy. What a list! So every time I feel desperate for just a little bit of something on that list, I try and remember why I’m doing this; to get fit, to feel healthy, to try and improve my skin and PCOS symptoms, to feel good about myself. This is my phone screen saver. It might look a bit cheesy but it’s true: 

If there is anyone reading this, I won’t be around tomorrow so don’t miss me too much! 


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