Sunday 14th July

My energy levels are slowly starting to improve. I don’t feel as sluggish during the day and seem to be waking up quicker in the mornings. 

Food today: banana, poached eggs & bacon again for breakfast, ham & feta salad for lunch, watermelon, apple and nuts for snacks, venison burgers with broccoli and corn for dinner. Never had venison before. Full of protein, low fat and tasty! 

          Here’s this week’s first food shop:

Got an answer from Chris on how eating sweet potato with dinner might have helped me sleep, or rather what might be causing my messed up sleep pattern: 
It is possible, that if a person doesn’t eat any food for a given period of time before going to bed (that time will vary from person to person), they can become hypoglycaemic (low blood sugar) during sleep, causing a release of Cortisol. At this point, Cortisol releases glucose into the blood stream to raise sugar levels back up. One of the primary functions of Cortisol, is to wake [you] up, therefore this process is undesirable during a sleep period. As sweet potato has is a low GI (Glycaemic Index) food, it is released slowly into your system, therefore helping to prevent the spikes. I am only meant to have it for dinner if I’ve done some training though, so better up the exercise! 

So am having a bit of a freak out in advance of my meet up with Chris on Friday. It’s the ‘measurements’ part that’s bothering me the most, so I asked him what he’d be measuring. Here’s the answer:

Belly button
Left arm
Right arm
Left thigh
Right thigh
Left calf
Right calf

The thought of having my belly and thighs measured makes me feel sick. They’re the 2 parts of my body I hate the most. I know in the grand scheme of things it’s nothing, but it makes me want to cry. However, I’m 30 years old and need to stop being such a baby! So, forwards and onwards as someone at work says!


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