Saturday 13th July

Hormones are a bitch and make me act like an even bigger one. 
Maybe its the withdrawal from the carbs and sugar, but I seem to be snapping more than usual and over pretty much nothing. I know I’m doing it but don’t seem able to stop. More than likely its a mixture of that and my crazy hormones being all over the place. PCOS is the biggest bitch of all but I’ve had enough of it. My skin is a mess, mainly chin and neck, which isn’t good when you have short hair. Oh and you’re 30! Its on the ‘hit list’ though. For now I stink of tea tree oil! 

Food today: poached eggs & bacon for brekkie (piece of toast would have been so good with that!), banana, chicken breasts & salad, melon, pineapple & strawberries, pork steak with sweet potato and vegetables, more strawberries. 

Had a major craving for an ice cold glass of cider this afternoon. Its gluten free and made of apples so sounds kind of possible, right? Nope! Checked with the boss and he advised it was better not to, so despite my creative reasoning I went with water instead! 

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