Wednesday 10th July

So I survived the visit to the ‘scary’ gym, and Chris is really lovely. 

We had a really good chat for about 45 minutes. He spent a lot of time going through my new diet (which I’m doing right apparently!) and asking about my sleep pattern, as I’d told him this was something I was struggling with. He went into a lot of detail while making sure I understood what it all meant. 

He really knows his stuff and is very easy to talk to, which makes this a lot easier. I’d already told him about my PCOS and low confidence, and he’s not fazed by any of it, in fact nothing is a negative with him. It’s really refreshing to talk to someone so genuinely positive. 

I did find the gym a little bit intimidating (only because it’s new to me), but it was very busy, which is a definite plus, and everyone there was just getting on with their workout. It’s not a glossy place, but I actually like that. It’s a straightforward gym with staff who are clearly passionate about what they do. What more could you ask for? There’s also a private members gym area too. 

One of the features I really like are the affirmations on the wall:

Simple but effective! 

Chris also went through with me what would happen at my next visit. He somehow managed to trick me into agreeing to go back! So next week (Friday 19th) I’ll meet him and he’s going to take measurements (YUCK!), photos (UGH) and videos of me doing certain exercises and movements (Crying at the thought!). The measurements and photos are to track my progress, and make me want to curl up in a ball and never set foot outside again. The videos are to show Chris what my posture is like (shocking) and how I move while doing set exercises. He can then analyse this to come up with a workout plan for me. I get the feeling weights are going to be involved, but he promised (yes you did Chris) that he would start with the baby ones. So, yes, I’m apprehensive, but I feel like I trust him already, not something I do easily. 

I’ll still be worked up next week about it, but there’s a definite glimmer of hope mixed in with that fear. That’s the whole point though, fighting the fear! 

Food today: same brekkie, chicken and ham salad, same snacks. Photo of dinner below:

Feeling much calmer so fingers crossed for a proper night’s sleep! 

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