Friday 12th July

I slept! All night! 

One of the things Chris went through with me on Wednesday was how it’s possible to have spikes in your blood sugar while you’re asleep. I probably haven’t explained that properly. Will try and get a proper explanation from the expert! As my diet has changed pretty dramatically, I guess my body is still learning to adjust.
Food today: same brekkie, chicken & bacon salad for lunch (need to check if the bacon is OK), apple, nuts, banana and steak cooked in Kerrygold butter with broccoli and corn on the cob before. Amazing dinner!! 

I’ve developed some evil lodgers on my face today. I’m too old to be getting spots, but it’s linked to the PCOS and messed up hormones, so it’s part of the problem. I’m hoping that the new healthy eating and supplements are going to help improve this. I really hope so as otherwise I’ll have to take shares out in concealer! 


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