Tuesday 2nd July

Didn’t sleep well last night. Woke up at 2am hungry!! But ignored that, eventually! 

Food today: same breakfast, same lunch, same snacks, chicken stir fry with mushrooms, baby corn and sugar snap peas for dinner.

Struggled a bit today too. Not sure if it was just a bit of a craving or hormones, but I was on a bit of a downer so I got in touch with the person who is helping me through this big overhaul, Chris. He’s a complete stranger but I feel like I can talk to him about all of my mental worries and ask a million and one questions to, and he always answers with a smile. A big help! Chris had given me lots of info in the run up to me starting this new eating plan, via twitter, and said he was more than happy to keep doing so. I felt really guilty about constantly bothering him, but he reassured me that it was fine and he was happy to help. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?!

Anyway, for some reason I felt like he’d be able to give me some advice on the ‘downer’ I was having, and he definitely did. He explained that when you cut food out of your diet, like sugar (the big nasty), your body goes through a withdrawal process, which makes total sense. Chris then asked about my periods (I know girls, our favourite subject!) so I told him I have PCOS: poly cystic ovarian syndrome, which for me has caused problems with my periods for as long as I can remember, plus weight problems, acne, blah blah blah! It turned out he knew about PCOS (most doctors I’ve seen struggle with this), so I knew then I’d found someone I could definitely trust. He then said he’d research it more as I have it. That nearly made me cry. Just to think he was prepared to make all that effort when he doesn’t even know me. It was a real boost. He said he was going to put together a list of supplements to help me with my new plan, and true to his word he sent it through tonight!

Did some boxing training when I got in. Nothing better than beating the crap out of the pads!

Feeling much better now, thank you Chris!


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