Thursday 4th July

Supplements all arrived today! I’ve written down how many of each I have to take and am all set to go. 

I’ve got:
Eskimo fish oil – 3 times per day with food
Vitamin D3 – 2 times per day
DIM – 1 per day
Multi liver formula – 2 per day
MegaMag Calmeze – 2 scoops mixed in water 1 hour before bed

I have to take all of these for at least a few months before I’ll see any results. This is partly due to my PCOS, which makes everything harder and seeing any sort of improvement will take twice as long as someone without it, lucky me!

Food today: same breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, same snacks, turkey steaks with corn on the cob and broccoli, same snacks

Someone pissed me off today and possibly due to the lack of carbs/sugar I felt like I could easily punch someone in the face! I was pretty snappy all day so came home and did 5 rounds of sweaty boxing drills, which made me feel a lot better! But the best bit was when Chris said I could have some sweet potato with my dinner! Haha! It tasted so good after 4 days of no potatoes.

I started the MegaMag Calmeze tonight and the Pukka Night Time tea that Chris recommended. Feeling sleepy already! 


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