Sunday 7th July

I slept! 

Woke up with a bit of an unhappy tummy but trying to ignore it.
It’s really sunny, which is great for everyone except me and my milk white Irish skin that burns if it even senses the sun!

Food today: poached eggs and bacon for breakfast (amazing!)

Watermelon, strawberries and banana as snacks and lunch as too hot to do anything else! 

Chicken breasts with small amount of sweet potato, sugar snap peas and mushrooms

Today’s food shop:

How healthy does that look?! Actually felt a bit smug at the checkout!

Too hot today to do anything so didn’t feel as hungry. The flat is like a greenhouse when the weather is hot and just drains you of energy. Drank lots of water though, which is good.

Had a bit of a freak out about the meeting on Wednesday, not for the first time! Worked myself up that it was going to go really badly and I would realise it wasn’t going to work, and I wouldn’t get on with Chris but would then feel obliged to go for the sessions (because of the Catholic guilt and not wanting to seem rude!). Managed to calm myself down and hoping I can sleep. 


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