Monday 1st July

So, today is the start of a new and slightly scary adventure.

I’m starting a completely new, healthy eating plan to try and take control of my weight and some health problems I have. In preparation for it I emptied all naughty food out of the kitchen and my desk at work and replaced it with lots of fruit, vegetables, meats and eggs. 

So there will be no more of this: 

But that’s OK.

I ate healthily before, but would then ‘reward’ myself with a ‘treat’ afterwards. Most of the time I didn’t even really want it but it was there so I’d eat it. Shocking but true. 

As of today though there will be none of that. As I’m gluten intolerant I was eating gluten free bread and pasta, which just made me feel really bloated, so it will be interesting to see how I feel when I cut it out. Coming from an Irish family, potatoes are like a staple food source in my diet. Not eating them is going to be really tough, and I hope my Mum doesn’t disown me! So, what am I going to be eating?? It’s called the paleo diet and is based on the eating patterns of people during the Paleolithic era, think pre-agriculture. It basically entails eating meats, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It’s high protein/low carbohydrates. Hmmm! So not the Irish diet I’ve been eating for 30 years then. Carbs are my addiction. I would kill for a plate of toast and marmalade on a good day, so I can see this being a struggle. However, I am determined to crack this addiction (I know that sounds a bit dramatic, bit it really is an addiction for me). So time to get going with it!

Here’s the food shop for this week:

Sorry about the nasty kitchen!

I prepared today’s lunch last night. Chicken salad – lettuce, cucumber, celery, beetroot and carrot sticks. Snacks for the day: apple, banana, nuts. Breakfast is the same as usual: egg white omelette with ham and a sprinkle of grated cheese (probably not allowed but will check!) and tea. Dinner was small pork steaks with broccoli and corn on the cob followed with strawberries (love them!) I go to Pilates classes on Mondays to help my dodgy back and posture. Amazing how you can sweat from moving so slowly! So Monday went pretty well. Too tired to crave anything really. 


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